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We provide only the best products at Seyang Mecahtronics Co., ltd.

With advanced idea and challenging spirit, Seyang Mechatronics Co., Ltd. Will make every effort to keep the quality standard for the automation equipment in line with the everchanging trend.

Seyang mechatronics Co., Ltd. Is dedicated to meeting manufacturing and industrial needs. Whether you want to Cool an electrical cabinet, Convey materials with air, Create an Air Curtain, or Cool a drill bit, we are here to help. Our products will help you lower uour Costs, Think Green, and improve your productivity. We manufacture Vortex Tubes, Vortex CNC Coolers, Vortex CNC Mechanical Thermostat, Vortex Cool Tools, Vortex Hot Air Tools, Vortex Air Cool Jackets, Vortex Air Nozzles, Vortex Air Jets, Vortex Air Curtains, Vortex Air Flow Bars, Vortex Amplifiers, Vortex Air Conveyor Vac and Vortex Drum Pumps. All of our products operate off of compressed air other compressible gases, No Mess, No Electricity, No Maintenance.
We also supply damper Stopper Cylinder applied to automation line of conveyor system Line, industrial shock Absorber applied and used for high technology precision Technology with rapid production speed, and Rotary Damper that fits for electronic products, drink vending machine, bidet, and shock abeorbing cover of household items.

We will get back to you with more advanced and upgraded technology and products.
Thank you very much.