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Ethics Charter

Seyang Mechatronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacture of process-improving devices, etc., aiming at increasing the function and quality of products to the level recognizable in the world through efficient operation processes by improving equipment and machines of each factory and using Vortex products, and at strengthening the position as an expert company for process improvement home and abroad.
Accordingly, we enact and announce ethics charter to newly establish ethical views and standards for conduct and value decision.

Transparent Management

  • We contribute to local community and the national economic development through sincere payment of tax, a law-abiding behavior and establishment of ethical values.
  • We respect all ethical conduct and rules for establishment of transparent management, and are re-born as a company which gives its priority to the public good and order.

Win-Win Cooperation

  • We practice the highest product service, and are sure to perform our promises with customers and business partners by positively utilizing quality, guarantee and warranty system.
  • We establish fair business order and promote growing together through win-win cooperation in making a deal with business partners.
  • We lay emphasis on relation and credit with outsourcing contractors.
  • We carry out business with business partners in a polite manner.
  • We protect rights and interests of customers and are sure to keep our promises with customers.

Information Confidence

  • We never divulge the trade and technical information of the other party that we come to know in the process of cooperation with customers and business partners, without getting approval from the other party.
  • With respect to customers and business partners, we won’t arbitrarily distort their information, nor distribute false facts about them, nor damage their data without leave.
  • In no case shall the information obtained in relation to business be used for private profits.
  • We make a secret agreement with customers, and all parties shall sign the agreement.
  • Trade secret shall be strictly kept in confidential.

Social Responsibility

  • We achieve mature organizational culture on the basis of mutual reliance and understanding by respecting each of officers and employees.
  • We pursue for human dignity and happiness, Observe business and working hours as prescribed by the Company, and tries to cause happiness to respective homes of all employees.

Quality Management

  • We take the lead in establishing production system through strict product inspection so that products of the highest quality may be continuously produced.
  • Seyang Mechanics Co., Ltd. aim for transparent management and shall not give and receive money and valuables from business partners and interested parties.
  • When each our employees has a meal with respective business partners, he/she is recommended to a lunch room if possible.
  • The employees shall not request business partners to do something nor exert some pressure on them, for the private purpose.