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Vortex Product
This is a product for improving equipment processes required by each enterprise.
It is effective for an air-cooling device and local cooling using compressed air of Vortex products, and, by using processing system of equipment of each factory, allows efficiency in workability, reduction of time and expenses and operation of the function of existing high-priced equipment at its optimal conditions. It does not use electricity, so that there is no explosion or fire, etc., enabling increasing the quality more.
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Rotary Damper
This is a product subject to PL(Product Liability Act) and a rotary damper using oil viscosity which applies to covers of products, buffer of products being transported and the portion requiring speed control. As the modern society develops, more covers are used in daily life. It enables a cover to safely and appropriately open and close when using it, greatly contributing to safety of our life.

When opening and closing covers of household appliances and a car, and in various industrial sites, the buffer function of its Rotary Damper allows you to safely use them.

We will supply a variety of buffers which can be used in a daily life and industrial sites in the future.
Soft Absorber
This is a product necessary for motion control, increasing productivity of industrial soft absorber, liner speed reduction, protection & maintenance of industrial machine and equipment and equipment, and productivity increase of products of each company.
Wire Rope Isolator
This is a product for protecting instruments, a warship, medical instruments, a power generator, radar system, mobile electronic equipment, pump, generator & compressor isolation and various measuring instruments, etc. from vibration and shock.
In Line Filter
This is a filter attached before vacuum instruments for smooth operation and life extension of vacuum instruments.
Stopper Cylinder
This is a product for controlling pallet suitable for protecting products and composing automatic line owing to its control & buffer function in conveyor line.